Recruiting - The Blackbox

Facts about how “Right” talent impacts your Top Line in the long run are spread all over the internet. However how do you Reach-out, Attract (Market), Assess and On-board this talent is a mystery which all leaders have opinion on but don’t understand fully In today’s article, trying to open some layers of this “Blackbox” and see how it works. Reach-out  — This is a complex problem considering facets of Organisation’s brand value, industry it operates in, role being hired for, and last the available supply. From a layman perspective, this is what you will do to source applications (mind you we are still talking about Reach): Job Boards / Portals Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram) Referrals — Direct / In-direct (Will organisation pay referral fee to someone unknown if they refer a perfect hire?) Consultants — Executive Search / Lateral depending on Role Careers Page (For organisations which have a good brand) Existing Database (Most under-utilised source for most organ

Devil called HR Technology

I know the headline will raise lot of eyebrows, but the fact is adoption of Technology in HR is often the last in "Digital Transformation" for any organisation. Reasons for this could be any of the following: Importance HR is given when the organisation is scaling from 0 to 1 OR 1 to 10 Capability in our teams to understand the difference between "Automation" and "Digital Transformation" - Will detail this further below Quality of Technology available at a reasonable price Fear in the HR Team of "What Next" - Will my job remain if a new HR system is implemented well A CFO of one the renowned start-ups once told me, "Quality of adoption for a new system is not dependent on the end user, but the person who is implementing it - Because he is who is deciding the Consumer Journey" Some of the common questions on table when you are starting your technology adoption journey are: Who is more important - Employee or HR? While this might look lik

Building Organisation (Not Business) from HR Lens

My Mentor (@Susheel Balakrishnan) once told me - "For a successful organisation, you need a fine balance of People and Financials". Having worked with multiple start-ups and seen numerous cycles of growth and pivots, I strongly believe, focus on Team has created this difference between successful Vs struggling (not unsuccessful) companies. Through this series, I wish to share my learning of HR's role in this journey. We will focus on perception Vs expectation dilema HR Fraternity is subjected to by leaders (sometimes because of our own doing) We will start this journey from 1, move towards 10 and then speed to 100, reviewing HR's evolution through this transition. Along the way, we will reflect on Transaction Vs Transformation in Talent lifecycle. Thus, first 2 questions we will focus on are: Which Role in HR should be hired first - Recruiter / Business Partner / Transaction Manager (Please ignore titles for now, we will pick this topic soon) Assuming the PMF has been